Excellence Unveiled: Unleashing the Power of Habit

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3 min readJun 8, 2023


As we head further into June, has the new year’s excitement worn off yet? If it has, don’t get discouraged, this is a good thing! Now that you’re no longer bristling with energy for what’s to come, you’re mentally ready to get to work. At Barkley Reserve, we’ve got our goals written for the year’s second half and a plan laid out. Now, all that’s left to do is tighten up a few of our daily habits!

You see, what we do day-to-day affects our lives in the long run. Habits can either help you progress or hold you back; it’s up to you to decide! By now, you’ve most likely knocked out a few of your 2023 goals, but we doubt you’re ready to press the brakes. Success takes time, and we still have plenty of year ahead of us. Before you go any further, we urge you to read over the following tips to guarantee that your habits help you excel!

Have A Consistent Morning Routine

How you start your day mirrors how you will end your day, plain and simple. If you start each morning by hitting snooze three times and rushing out of the house at the last minute, you’re not setting yourself up for success. Instead, we encourage you to create a consistent morning routine. Wake up with your first alarm, do some sort of physical exercise, eat breakfast, and take a minute to get your mind right.

Eat Smart

For many, going on a diet was their New Year’s resolution. Instead of cutting back on how much you eat, we believe you should choose smarter things to put into your body! In place of Mcdonald’s, try eating a diet of superfoods. A few of our favorites are blueberries, salmon, walnuts, kale, and avocados. Each of these will provide fuel for your brain and body and boost your daily energy levels! What you eat should push you closer to success, not further away from it.

Write Out Your Goals

As we said earlier, our team here at Barkley Reserve has their goals written out, and we hope you do as well. Once you’ve physically written what you are working to achieve, it becomes concrete, and your chances of succeeding will grow tenfold. Now, we want you to take this a step further. That’s right; it’s time to start journaling. It’s imperative to your long-term success that you keep track of your progress throughout the year. Not only will this help you and your mentor keep you on pace, but it’ll also help you next year when you’re creating your 2024 goals. Each week, look over your goals and document how much work you’ve put in, what obstacles you encountered, and if you succeeded.

Whether or not you excel in 2023 is solely up to you and the habits that you utilize daily. The three listed above are great starting points, but we encourage you to self-reflect and be honest about what you need to improve.

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